Tokyo: The Center of the Universe and The Promised Land of Superheroes

20 Jun

A view of tranquil sunset in Tokyo –before an attack from outer space!

Disclaimer: What are you expecting me to write about Tokyo? An elaborative Lonely Planet-ish travel guide with details on prices and transportation means, or psychedelic visual treats on major tourist spots like the ones DK eyewitness depicted? No way. This is going to be bizarre in maximum scale, and don’t tell me I haven’t warned you before~

Totoro and friends; cutesy and innocent, but who knows what lies beneath?

People around me reckoned that Tokyo resembles a perverted old-man hiding in the façade of a cute little girl. Only in this outlandish cosmopolitan megapolis that one can find a bizarre obscene materials situated side-by-side with cutesy wutesy ingredients like Hello Kitty and Totoro altogether in the same shop and even same floor. Hardly any salary-man with stoic appearance fully combined with corporate gear in cities other than Tokyo can read an X-rated magazine quite idyllically in the crowded morning train.

I guess it takes a pervert to know a pervert.

The quake in Tokyo following the aliens’ attack, almost surreally real

Since I am not perverted myself, and refused to be one; I beg to differ by simply stating that Tokyo is the center of the universe, and the home to all the legendary superheroes. When I said superheroes, you get every archetype of superheroes that Tokyo has inside! In Tokyo, you have a spectrum of superheroes that other city barely has (forget London, Paris, or New York!); even an anti-social middle-schooler who no longer has intention to prolong his life can be a savior of the world while enrolled in the local neighborhood school full of bullying. You would never notice this type of superhero without your super sharp instinct of protagonist madness. You just have to feel it every time you encounter a possibly anti-hero material when you walk around the park. This type of leading figure can be found always with a gadget –well, he is a neurotic afterall, who possibly detests mankind, Planet Earth and anything in between that become the source of his suffering.

Introducing your plain hero archetype that is of abundant in every corner of the city (I seriously mean it! I have special radar to spot this rarefind!)

Are aliens with UFOs landing in Tokyo? Hell yes, amongst all the mega-cities in the world, they will land in Tokyo! There is no need to study geography, as all the bad guys will attack Tokyo anyway. There is no need to set up a NASA department anywhere on earth but Tokyo. Not only Aliens, but also some disastrous biological experiments or chimeras as a result of gigantic radiation exposure will terrorize Tokyo with their deleterious manners hence the total chaos to the world. Due to that reason, we will find superheroes come to overwhelm the city with their weapon of awesomeness and epic-fighting style i.e. the extremely strong beam that only-God-knows-where-the-hell-it-comes-from.

Giant robots fight for the world’s justice in…. Shinjuku~

Following the attack of evil aliens, a gigantic (yet kind-hearted) mutant will protect Tokyo with all his might~ Introducing: Godzilla

Is there a neighborhood full of world-class martial artists with superhuman powers? Is there a neighborhood full of middle school girls at noon but turning gorgeous soldiers with sailor suits and heels at night? Indeed, they are in Tokyo. Even a bored God of Death intentionally dropped his notebook of the dead in Tokyo –of all places but Tokyo. Ever heard of a secret occult society that resembles the Pandora’s box that hosts every crime and evil in the world? They linger in the underground of the Diet building (Japan’s parliament building) in Tokyo. Familiar of an evil organization with merciless troops of giant robots which soon will dominate the earth with its evil plan to exploit the energy source and force people into slavery? Their biggest headquarter is in Tokyo. The city seems to be the super mega strong Tesla awesomeness magnet that attracts even the God of Death, entity from other dimension, even the legion of angels and demons to determine the destiny of the universe~

Even the God of Death loves Tokyo (and Tokyo people!) hence intentionally dropping his prrrecious notebook in all cities but Tokyo!

The catchphrases “… the beginning and the end… the first and the last…” are also way too relevant with Tokyo. In various stories, we often find the fate of the world lies within Tokyo when an apocalyptic battle is taking its setting in the city’s famous landmarks. When Tokyo tower (the very symbol of the megapolis) falls, the world will fall too! When Rainbow Bridge collapsed, mother earth too will cease to exist.

Behold, the guardian of the world’s love and justice resides in Tokyo!

Tokyo is simply, a melting pot of all awesome phantasm in the world. It takes a chosen one, to comprehend its beauty and surreality at the same time. It looks like most superheroes in their superhero identity application-form got the following choices as their places of residence:
Dear potential superhero/antihero (cross whichever inapplicable), if you could live anywhere, where would it be? (Please circle one that is most desirable)
• Tokyo
• A futuristic Tokyo under a dome
• A demon-infested wasteland that serves as a metaphor for modern-day Tokyo
• A sort of “Neo-Tokyo” in space

Never let this predicament happens in Shibuya Tokyo, otherwise, the entire earth will be at the same peril!

God creates the Universe, and leaves alone the entire phantasmagoria with its surreal spices in Tokyo.


Note: a rubbish submitted to Indonesian Professional Association Journalism Club in Singapore in which I become a resident writer. I just hope I won’t be showered by rotten-tomatoes by the time people finish reading this~


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2 responses to “Tokyo: The Center of the Universe and The Promised Land of Superheroes

  1. lambrtz

    June 25, 2011 at 3:06 am

    Hahahaha some years ago, I and my online friend at that time were wondering why was it that every single world event, be it alien attack, monster attack, always occurs in Tokyo in Japanese mangas/animes. Nevertheless, I think only elite segmented people will value an analysis like this. 😛

  2. apratz

    June 25, 2011 at 9:21 am

    Only the chosen one could ever think about it B-)

    Welcome to the extraordinary awesome league 😛

    N.B. Alhamdulillah akhirnya ada yg mikirnya sama kayak ane B-)


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