The Goddamned SLR camera

18 Jun

I want an SLR camera!

Okay, I can’t deny the facts that I -being 25 years old, am supposed to be financially independent, able to feed my belly and satisfy my lust over reasonable wish-list. I am just a poor graduate student who has to compose a pitiable essay every semester to get a stipend far from decent lifestyle. But people said that happiness is a way of travel, not an ultimate destination. So yeah, despite being petulant over things I cannot control (read: my welfare!), I am quite happy with the way things work now, compared to few years ago when I was still glued within a merciless new-age slavery system which people called “corporate life” :P.

But, I want an SLR camera!

Honestly I friggin’ envy filthy rich people who own SLR for the sake of owning it, or maybe for a noble way of being in touch with the current hype of photography euphoria. I often see youngsters in a certain developing country, carry their SLR in the neck with ludicrous look of conceit. Some months later, maybe the SLR will remain untouched in their box, become a mere accessory that embellished the bookshelves of the well-offs. Okay, I am pathetic (and also poor!), I am a quarter of century already so I shall stop the babyish tantrum of comparing self to others more fortunate :P.

And so I took my old Olympus camera, which I bought in an electronic sale fair exactly 3 years ago. I captured the pic of “certain someone”, and took the liberty to abuse the pics in Adobe Photoshop (for whoever made this program, I pray for you Heaven, where the roads made of pure-gold and milk flows in the rivers. Amen!). And voila!

I hope when it comes to Photoshop, SLR or not no longer matter. Photoshop creates miracles, just as Moses split the red sea~ Thank you Photoshop, though as crappy as it looks, am still pretty contented with the result. I hereby declare that I can still use Photoshop to offset the deprivation of good photo-quality!

…. but still, if I win lottery or strike Toto, I will be really glad to buy an SLR :S~


Posted by on June 18, 2011 in Art, Desperado


2 responses to “The Goddamned SLR camera

  1. lambrtz

    June 25, 2011 at 3:13 am

    I—is this you??? 😯

  2. apratz

    June 25, 2011 at 9:23 am

    No, that’s not me.

    That’s my evil twin sister, 16 YO, goes to Toshima gakuen. She recently tried to create her own Facebook account but failed miserably 😛


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