I heart Celtic music :)

25 Oct

Last February I traveled to Edinburgh, Scotland. So why the hell I jotted it down exactly 8 months after? -pardon me if you never give a damn about that :).

I am literally on the verge of mental breakdown. My brain goes paralyzed and my mind goes blank intensely, which clearly reveals how severe my thesis progress turns out to be. Not only my physical ability that’s questionable -I am a slowpoke, what can you expect?- but my intellectual ability is also equally handicapped. I struggle so much with Statistics, not to mention the logic behind the rigorous calculation and the mind-bending formulas. However, during the time of hardships I listened a lot to Celtic music, the instrumentals with serene sounds of bagpipe, whistles and a beat of soft drums :). I can never listen to Japanese songs no matter how I love them, as I often end up singing and experience a short-term memory loss after a while and lost trace of my study. Sometimes I even google the translation of the songs and end up learning the kanjis. I am really bad at concentrating, so I need music that didn’t ‘talk‘ :).

It is during my trip to Edinburgh that I discovered this genre of music and fell in love with them at once. The music kinda reminded me of some background music of the classic RPG games -I am a veteran gamer afterall-, so while listening to them I tend to visualize myself as the hero, run an impossible errands in the land where dragons exist and the evil lord dominated over the once-prosperous land :). The street musicians were all around the corner, graciously playing the instruments and let it whisper to the town folks’ ears, not to care of some shameless free-riders who didn’t give money yet enjoy their music thoroughly. I went to a nearest souvenir shop, dig amongst the sale corner and found various Celtic CDs for around 5 pounds for 2 pieces. I bought 4 without thinking. And here I am now, working on my research while listening to them, it sure brings back all the memories.

I only spent like 3 days traveling around Scotland, covered Edinburgh area. I hope I will be able to return someday and explore a little bit of its beauty of nature and the scenic landscape -definitely not on winter though~

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Posted by on October 25, 2010 in random things, Traveler's Tale


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