The Past Promise

21 Oct

How long has it been since my last post? 4 months or so 😀

I truthfully admit that I lost my mojo to write during these recent months. I wrote papers, tons of them, in order to pass my examination. Yes, I don’t do a written examination in a godforsaken chilly exam room anymore since I enrolled in a graduate program, which is a virtue since I’ve never got a Lady Luck on my side sitting together in the same chair. This partly explains why I don’t feel like writing in any medium after I already burnt out in writing academic paper very much.

The overwhelming presence of Twitter, Facebook, and other social media networking had obstructed me from writing a casual day-to-day record nevertheless, as writing a short one or two sentence is way much painless to do, despite being so unchallenging.

I promise that I will write more frequently, since I only have a Thesis to take care of, and some application materials to be sent off. I hope I won’t break my vow ever again :p

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Posted by on October 21, 2010 in Daily, random things


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