Randomness at Shibuya

01 Apr

I went to Shibuya last Sunday, had a 送別会 (farewell party) with two good friends who are going back for good to Indonesia.

I came across a splendid performance by random street performers whom I don’t even bother to know the name. I took a picture of them -so there might be something special about them *cough cough*. I am easily attracted to guys who can play music, particularly guitar. It will up the points if they are tall, cute, quite humorous, wear sneakers often, quite slender -and these traits  epitomize Fujiwara Motoo from Bump of Chicken though I am not sure whether he is humorous or not. I would stop here and alter the subject.

Sakura is coming to town. My neighbour had this dreamy pink flakes peeking over a fence. Many Japanese perceive the cherry blossom not only to celebrate a new beginning of work-life or school life, but also a blossoming love-life.  I wonder if my spring will come this year :)).

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Posted by on April 1, 2010 in Daily, random things


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