Awakened in the new world

31 Mar

I have embarked into a new life in Tokyo since 2009, hence the urge to start a new blog.

The old blog in revolved around the endeavor of my undergraduate life in Singapore, not to mention my early career as an office lady working in a decent foreign consulting firm and my so-called youth contemplation in the pursuit of happiness. My life’s full of numerous ups and downs, in which i would never regret every decision that i made.

I am 24 now. I don’t think I am made of the same materials as the me 6 years ago. This is my attempt to leave my footprints, so that I will remember my path of return in case I go astray. I often joke at times, but the inside of me is constantly analysing the surroundings and scrutinizing the best possible option -in everything. Perhaps I would play Devil’s Advocate at nights and Guardian Angel at daylights, depending on the needs and situation.

I don’t like to show my real expression. I hate to ponder and look back on things such as past failures and contemplations. I think of them as a sweet trap that engages people in delusion, both glorious and miserable. Similarly with writing a blog, when the embodiment of expression is being displayed naked in public.  By writing a blog, we willingly make our weaknesses and soft spots into public display. Yet, my fingers couldn’t stop to type.

I am always ashamed of my horrible English. I almost got my Minor in English Literature with my butcher style of writing. Teachers hated me and scolded my writing skill for couple of times. From that point onwards, I bore a silent grudge and made an oath to be an excellent writer, who excels in everything from essays, papers, creative writings, and so on. God answered my prayer, I aced my GMAT essay, and never do as badly as I was in the recent years.

I guess I developed a lot since my last post in my last blog, which made me happy.

Thank you for reading this and welcome to my life.

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